Meat prices increased due to the high cost of fodder and fuel – Kyzylorda farmers

Since the beginning of 2019 in Kyzylorda region, meat has grown in price by 150-400 tenge. As farmers and meat sellers noted in a conversation with the correspondent of “”NA, the price has risen due to the high cost of fodder and fuel.

“We offer beef at a price of 1450 tenge per kilo,” says YerbolatRsalin, director of “Ak-Barys” LLP. – Since the beginning of the year, the prices for fuel and lubricants, utilities, raw materials for the production of forage, fodders themselves have increased, but we kept the price and were in the red. Feed prices have increased by about 20 percent, and we have raised the price of meat by 150 tenge recently. The fodders that we have procured last year have already finished, so we cannot keep the previous price.

According to the farmer, when the fuel grows in price, prices are growing for all food products. The price of flour has increased by 700 tenge, wheat – by 500 tenge per kg. On one of the most popular urban markets of Kyzylorda “Ayt-Bek” meat sellers say that the price for meat was last raised at the beginning of 2018.

“When there is a lot of imported meat on the market, the price for it is stable for a long time,” says meat seller Aliya Bekzhanova. – The price for this product is made up of the cost of rent the seller’s place, for weighing meat, cutting, a refrigerator, a veterinaryinspection, which takes about 2,000 tenge daily. Wholesale prices for meat are increasing, so we have to raise prices.

According to experts of the regional administration of agriculture, farm prices have risenslightly, middlemen dictate their margins here. As long as the main producer is only a small farmer, so will it be. If there are more large farms, the price of meat will be stable. You also need to develop a feed base.

In the current sowing season, the sown area of safflower, alfalfa, spring wheat, corn for grain and millet will grow by 4,000 ha in the region. Work on the diversification of crops continues. Over time, the problem of food supply will be resolved.

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