Milk processing enterprises of the East Kazakhstan are 75% loaded

The East Kazakhstan region is the top milk producer in the country.Nevertheless, the leader has disadvantages as well. Vladimir Gailamazyan, head of the administration of agriculture, has honestly told about them to the media representatives at a briefing in the Info Center, the correspondent of “” NA reports.

“For the purpose of further development of dairy cattle breeding, it was planned to build 8 dairy farms for 1,250 heads and reconstruct 6 operating ones for 1,500 headsin 2018. As of today, 6 dairy farms have been built and commissioned and 4 farms for 900 heads have been reconstructed,” he said.

Ulan district let them down. Two dairy farms for 300 heads “stuck” there.At present, installation of equipment has been completed at one of the farms, it remains to purchase livestock. On the second farm, they also completed construction works, and now they working on issues with the purchase of equipment and cows.

One of the farms for 100 heads, which was planned to be reconstructed last year, is also located in Ulan district. Another incomplete farm for 500 heads is situated in Beskaragai district.

“Out of 15 milk receiving stations planned to be established in 2018, 13 were organized, that is,the task is completed by 87 percent.Katon-Karagay and Kurchum districts were left without milk receiving stations,”noted the acting head of administration.

These shortcomings did not prevent the dairy farms and milk receptioncenters from fulfilling the milk delivery plan. It was sold 113 thousand tons. As a result, the workload of milk processing enterprises was 75 percent. Not bad. But it could be more, if only livestock breeders had realized the plans on time.

To clarify, we are talking about the regional program for the development of dairy farming.

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