Ministry of Agriculture developed complex of measures to cope with drought consequences

Новость на Казах-зерно:

The Ministry of Agriculture proposes to adopt a complex of measures on prevention of consequences of the drought, Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Asylzhan Mamytbekov said at the session of the Government of Kazakhstan.

“It is necessary to take urgent measures on prevention of the consequences of the drought, store and supply grain and fodder for the cattle in the regions which do not have it because of the weather conditions this year and we also have to prevent a rise of prices for flour and bread,” A. Mamytbekov said.

Thus, starting in August 1 of this year, it is planned to cancel subsidization of transport expenses of grain exporters. Besides, on the basis of the signed memorandum between the Ministry of Agriculture, akimats of the regions and Astana and Almaty cities, “KazAgro” Holding and the Council of Grain Processors it is necessary to develop an issue regarding supplying 1.3 mln tons of grain to flour mills with fixed price of 28 thousand tenge for 1 ton over the period from August 1, 2012 till August 1, 2013.

Due to the drought, a change of the scheme of grain movement is considered now. It will be moved from those places which are situated in the regions and less affected by the drought. In particular, it includes the grain elevators in North Kazakhstan region and northern parts of Kostanay and Akmola regions.

Another measure is extension of credit terms given to agricultural producers.

The fourth direction is provision of fodder for the cattle breeding sector and chicken farming which will require KZT 1.8 bln from the reserves of the Government for agricultural producers being able to keep the cattle.

“According to the estimations, the needs in forage grain in the country this year make 206 thousand tons including 47 thousand tons for pigs growing farms and 159 thousand tons for chicken farms,” A. Mamytbekov said.

Another important direction is adoption of measures on prevention of infringement of farmers’ interests by insurance companies regarding insured crops.

“The seventh one is in a necessity to allocate for several regions cheaper diesel fuel for harvesting campaign additionally. They also need it for sowing annual grass and other grains for fodder. 410 thousand tons of cheaper diesel fuel was allocated for autumn harvesting campaign in 2012. However, it is may not be enough. We need to increase the volume of diesel fuel supplies,” the Minister added.

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