Ministry of Agriculture misses control of grain market

Most recently, «» wrote that Mars Almabek, a man from the team of former head of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Assylzhan Mamytbekov, is preparing to head the Committee of State Inspection in the agro-industrial complex.

And here, from ordinary inspectors from the field we received a letter that is preparing to “trick” far from professionalism superiors.

Optimization with minus sign

The point is that the leadership of the KGI of the agro-industrial complex of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan intends to reduce the departments of the state grain inspection, and transfer the grain inspectors to the quarantine service.

Grain inspectors in their letter indicate that such a decision is not only contrary to the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also will cause irreparable damage to the grain industry – the main export-oriented sector of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“At a time when the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the 5 world powers for grain production, it is simply unacceptable. In the neighboring states of the Eurasian Union (Russia, Belarus, etc.), grain inspections remained in the structures of the Ministries of Agriculture, and in the near future no one is going to reduce them. Even it is not about it! “- the inspectors note in their letter.

Grain inspectors listed the risks to the industry that the reduction of the state grain inspection department entails:

– State control over compliance of local executive bodies with the legislation of Kazakhstan on grain will cease, which will create prerequisites for further growth of violations at bakery enterprises;

– Proper monitoring of the grain market will not be carried out, this will lead to systematic disruptions and errors in the reporting of bakery enterprises (on the quantity and quality of incoming grain on BPC, on the load of BPC and statistics of electronic grain receipts) in the system of the state register of holders of EZR;

– The main reports of the State Grain Inspection Department (information on the availability of grain verified with the Department of Statistics, including: at BPC, at agricultural producers and mill complexes of the region, on the quantity and quality of incoming grain to bread processing enterprises, on the availability of oilseeds, shipping of grain and about the workload of BPC) will lose their relevance. And this is despite the fact that the Republic of Kazakhstan is an agricultural country where grains, legumes and oilseeds belong to strategic crops, on which the country’s food security depends!

Far-reaching plans

Grain inspectors add that the intentions of the Committee ‘s leadership go even further – over time it is also planned to reduce the offices of tribal and plant protection inspections.

These plans raise a logical question – if the Committee cuts three of the four offices, why would it need it itself? To lead one quarantine inspection office?

By the way, it is interesting that Mars Almabek himself was the department of quarantine inspection and headed in due time.

At the time of the USSR in each region there were regional quarantine inspections consisting of three people. Three full-time employees did not allow any violation, and all the assigned functions were carried out in time. Now the management staff is 500 people! There is also a skewing in personnel issues, where in the leadership positions in the regional territorial inspections and subordinate institutions of the committee, occupy only quarantine inspectors, “- the letter notes grain inspectors and propose the whole structure, not only the Committee of State Inspection, but also the Ministry of Agriculture itself, to bring into line with the structures of neighboring states, which are members of the Eurasian Union.

Grain without control

Inspectors note that over the last five years (from 2015 to 2019) The number of violations in the grain market, which were revealed with the participation of State grain inspectors in the regional territorial inspection of the State Inspection Committee in the agro-industrial complex of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, increased. The reason is that the main powers of State grain inspectors and State inspectors for seed production were transferred to local executive bodies (LEB) – departments of agriculture. This step did not justify itself: instead of carrying out control, specialists of the Department of Grain and Seed Inspection of the Agriculture Department are mainly engaged in instructions of a local executive nature (preparation of regulatory documents, draft letters of regional scale), therefore, they do not carry out targeted work on control and supervision in the field of regulation of the grain and seed production market.

“The implementation of state control in the field of seed production in the regions is in a deplorable state. There is little control in this area, although everyone knows that high quality conditioned seeds are the key to the stability of high crop yields in the first place. But in the areas of quality seeds, unfortunately, there are no in 80% of farms. On the basis of this example, we believe that the local executive body, being the licensor of bread-receiving enterprises, cannot exercise supervisory and supervisory functions over its own activities. Therefore, it is necessary not to reduce the state grain inspection, but to return back the control and supervision functions transferred earlier to LEB, – the grain inspectors note.

There is always a way out

The letter states that since the transfer of the functions of state grain inspectors to the local executive body, from 2015 to 2019, there have been no inspections in the field of grain market regulation and seed production in the regions at all. All this leads to numerous violations.

“For example, the local executive body is included control of observance by the hlebopriyemny enterprises of rules of conducting quantitative and high-quality metering of grain, storage of grain, delivery, the address and repayment of grain receipts, formation and maintaining the state electronic register of holders of grain receipts according to the Enterprise code of the Republic of Kazakhstan into competence.

During weekly monitoring of the GRDEPR system, we see systematic failures of reporting. In this direction, work is not carried out at the proper level by specialists of the local executive power with bakery enterprises, “- said grain inspectors

In this regard, the authors of the letter draw attention to the need not only to preserve the departments of the state grain inspection, but also to re-establish the state seed inspection in the regional territorial inspections.

We consider it necessary to staff the staff of the Department of State Grain Inspection with 4 staff units, including two units – the head of the Department of State Grain and Seed Inspection and the chief specialist of the State Grain Inspector, two units State Inspectors for Seed Production.

Prepare draft amendments on return of grain and seed inspection functions from local executive bodies to CIG. ”

Batyr Alekperov

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