Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan began the struggle with minor corruption, whether it comes to combating large scale corruption?

Новость на Казах-зерно:

As you know, in the end of February at the meeting of the Public Council for Combating Corruption attached to the PDP “Nur Otan” has once again identified the most corrupted departments of the country. In the struggle for the right to be called the most corrupted department in Kazakhstan Ministry of Agriculture has got only the second place. But this is a place of honour.

But it is possible to disagree with such a low estimation of the merits of the Ministry of Agriculture in the misappropriation of other people’s money in your pocket. After all criteria of estimation is a quantity of the registered corruption offenses by quantity of references and signals from places. In it the Ministry of Internal Affairs have big advantages. It works on all questions of administrative offenses and the criminal legislation with all population of Kazakhstan. Naturally, in this sphere there is a large quantity of precedents, complaints, references, signals and etc. In such conditions it is easy to become the first. The Ministry of Agriculture works in a rather narrow sphere of economic mutual relations of only one branch – agrarian and industrial complex.

If even in such circumstances, the Ministry of Agriculture became the second, it shows the exceptional manual dexterity of officials of this department. Again, the audience, i.e. customer base of the Ministry of Agriculture is extremely patient and law-abiding. This audience, following its millennial experience, understands that “to break for the truth to power is worse than to fall to the hell.” That is why the major part of these corruption offenses will remain unmarked by history, appeals and responses.

They say, if the process cannot be stopped, you should become the leader of it. And the process of combating corruption also should have a leader. The head of it will take away all suspicions and highlight the purity of his intentions to fight this dirty phenomenon. Again, “a fault confessed is half redressed.”

After publication of this corruption rating the reaction of Ministry of Agriculture in the name of its head Asylzhan Mamytbekov followed almost immediately. He did not argue with the Council on corruption and defend. He acknowledged that the way it is.

“Statistics of corruption offenses is very bad. According to the Prosecutor General’s Office in 2011 35 employees of the Ministry were convicted. Against 45 employees were opened criminal cases, in respect of 80 employees were taken disciplinary actions for corruption offenses. In particular, among these 25 individuals were leaders of one or another branch “, – declared the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, and immediately proceeded to action, choosing two leaders of regional inspections of the Veterinary Control Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture as victims for this time. They, just recently appointed to the post, were dismissed for corruption offenses committed by their subordinates.

The Ministry of Agriculture will further carry out such practice concerning all its structural divisions, Mamytbekov assured. And heads came off. Now nobody can reproach Mamytbekov that he doesn’t show eagerness, doesn’t do conclusions – the Ministry of Agriculture puts fight against corruption in the major priorities of modernization of domestic agrarian and industrial complex.

But perhaps the Minister of Agriculture did not understand about what was talking the Council, noting corruption in the department. There is corruption, and there is a big corruption. It is one thing, when a poor veterinary inspector, acting on their own risk, charges $ 100 per merchant for permission to trade a party of goods with clear the qualitative characteristics. Here, everything is clear, the time comes and he will be caught in the act and punished. Another thing, when authorized companies and structures of the Ministry of Agriculture, using the monopoly power and administrative resources bestowed by the state, withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars from the market of the country in a straight-line flow method in front of the stunned audience in almost honest way.

Новость на Казах-зерно:The Chairman of Republican Public Council for Combating Corruption attached to the PDP “Nur Otan” Oralbay Abdykarimov, acting at the meeting concerning realization of the Message of the President to the people of Kazakhstan and corruption counteraction in agricultural and industrial complex, has urged the Ministry of Agriculture to invite to all sessions, including concerning distribution of quotas and carrying out of tenders, representatives of business communities, the public and mass-media.

But there is the trouble. They are ready to catch inspectors in the act and to get them onto a prison, and to dismiss their superiors- it is easy. But they are opposed to establishing transparent working methods of the subordinate economic structures, and all the more to allow the media to comment on any commercial decisions and working schemes of organizations. It’s like killing the goose that lays the “golden egg”.

Correspondents of «КазахЗерно.kz» wrote about this great corruption in the Ministry of Agriculture a lot of times, and about its ideological inspirator, who still works part-time as the Minister of Agriculture. A recent article, “Corruption revelations of the Minister Mamytbekov” tells about the “pearl” of the corrupt creation of the agrarian department – JSC “Ak biday Terminal”, which became the subject of study of law enforcement agencies to identify in the JSC the presence of corruptive schemes.

Let’s see what will happen next. The Ministry of Agriculture began the struggle with minor corruption, whether it comes to combating large scale corruption?

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