Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan raised forecast for grain crop to 18.5 million tons

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Kazakhstan, one of the world’s leading grain exporters, raised its forecast for the harvest in 2013 to 18 million tons in gross weight, said the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic Asylzhan Mamytbekov on Monday at a press briefing in Astana.

“We have corrected the forecasted volume of grain to 18.5 million tons”, he said, noting that it is a gross yield of grain.

We recall, as previously informed the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, in mid-September the Ministry of Agriculture forecasted the 2013 harvest at 16.3 million tons in clean weight, grain exports – at 9,000,000 tons.

The Minister noted that “the export potential will also increase slightly, but, unfortunately, as shown by previous years, the export potential does not mean that it will be fully implemented. We expect that the export potential will be at a level slightly above the average, at about 9 – 9.5 million tons”.

Agriculture Minister assured that the total available capacity for storage of grain is 24.6 million tons, which “allows us to accept the projected gross grain output of about 18 million tons”.

According to him, by 21 September, it is harvested 12.6 million tons of new grain harvest from 65% of the harvested area in Kazakhstan; the average yield was 12.2 quintals per hectare, which is 3.6 quintals per hectare higher than last year.

It should be noted that to date in Akmola, Kostanay and North Kazakhstan regions is harvested 65% of grain crops. Harvesting campaign of spring wheat and barley is finished in Zhambyl, Kyzylorda and South Kazakhstan regions.

According to the Statistics Agency of Kazakhstan, in 2013, the sown area of all crops totaled 21.5 million hectares, of which -15.8 million hectares of grain crops, including wheat – 13.1 million hectares. Oilseed crops are planted on an area of 1.9 million ha, cotton – on 140.6 thousand ha, sugar beet – on 4900 hectares, potatoes and melons – at 186.8 and 215.6 thousand hectares, respectively.




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