More than 400 thousand tons of hay and haylage are made in Zhambyl region

This is about 34 percent of the planned amount. According to the information of the administration of agriculture of the akimat of Zhambyl region, farms in the region have carried out haycutting on more than 100 thousand hectares.

The best indicator in the foraging campaign is shown by farms in Zhambyl region, where grasses are mowed down on the area of 22 thousand hectares. About 87 thousand tonsof hay was stored. Farmers of the Baizak district harvested 84 thousand tons of hay, and in Moynkum district – 78 thousand tons.

Livestock breeders of Zhualynsky and Kordai districts stocked the most of haylage.

Silage stockpiling in the region will traditionally begin in July, the correspondent of “” NA notes. This year, farmers plan to ensure its volume at the level of 55 thousand tons. Farmers will start harvesting winter wheat in early July.

The deputy head of the regional administration of agriculture YerlanKulkeev has no doubt that Zhambyl farms will procure a sufficient amount of high-quality fodder for the winter.

“All the necessary equipment was prepared by the farmers. All available machinery, including 4,000 tractors and 2,200 units of forage harvesting equipmentwill be brought to the fields. This year hay is good, as there was a lot of precipitation in spring, and in early summer the weather was warm. This is good – grasses and crops quickly grow. We need to try to cut, dry and roll the received hay. If only the weather did not let down. In general, this year it is planned to collect more than 1.5 million tons of hay, 55 thousand tons of silage, 50 thousand tons of haylage and 109 thousand tons of strawin the region,”said E. Kulkeev.

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