Next season Kazakhstan will produce less wheat, but more barley than this year – experts

According to experts, in the next 2015-16 season Kazakhstan will produce less wheat, but more barley than this year. In May, the USDA released a regular report on the production, trade, consumption and stocks of grain in the world. This time the outlook for the future of the 2015-16 season was presented in it for the first time.

In May, USDA left data on wheat balance in Kazakhstan in 2014-15 season at the same level. Wheat production forecast was reduced from 13.94 to 12.996 million tons. Export is left at the same level – 6 million tons. We recall that in March report the USDA did not introduce any changes to the data on the production and export of grain and left them at the level of February forecast. According to the USDA, in the past 2013-14 season Kazakhstan produced 13.941 million tons of wheat and 2.539 million tons of barley. It was exported 8 million tons of wheat and 0.575 million tons of barley, writes the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

For the next 2015-16 season production forecast compared with the current year is reduced for wheat, but increased for barley. Wheat production in the next season, according to experts, will decline to 0.496 million tons, with 12.996 to 12.500 mln. tons, while barley production on the contrary will increase by 0.188 million tons, from 2,412 to 2,600 mln. tons. Exports of grain will remain at the same level as in the current season – 6 million tons of wheat and 0.5 mln. tons of barley.

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