North Kazakhstan: Compensation for damage from drought? No, we have not heard …

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Farmers memorize the past year as a nightmare. Drought for the Kazakhstanian farmer in any years meant irretrievable loss. Moreover, at a time when many countries compensate losses from drought to farmers, Kazakhstanian officials artificially increase productivity, writes the correspondent of IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

According to the local farmers, officials from the regional agricultural departments asked to add to the actual harvest an average of 5.3 kg / ha. Even North Kazakhstan, which would seem almost untouched by drought, was not left without additions.

“We had no drought, the harvest is average. But they asked to draw to the real harvest 7.6 q/ ha. They simply wanted so much the average yield in the region to be around 18 q / ha”, said, on conditions of anonymity, the head of one of the farms in the region.

While in our country government was just going to write off the exhausted from the heat fields, Russian farmers have already received compensation. For 1 hectare of land they were allocated to 1,500 Russian rubles.

“There were no such compensations in our country, and they unlikely would be given. We insure crops for “nothing”. We leave money on the table, because in the case of loss it would be difficult to wait until compensation from the insurers will be given. Besides akims of the areas do not allow writing off the lands, trying to make this process slower”.

We remind, according to official data of the Ministry of Agriculture, total harvest in the North Kazakhstan region in 2012 was $ 4 million 951 thousand tons of grain.

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