North Kazakhstan farmers has the target –to harvest and to preserve this year crop

The head of the North Kazakhstan region Serik Bilyalov gave the task to the grain growers- to harvest and to preserve all grain, which was sown in the area. On the August, 11 the head of the region announced about the official start of the harvesting campaign, reported IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.
The harvest started in the LLP “SK Vagulinskoe” in the Kyzylzhar region. According to experts, the fields in the area are very different. Yield varies from 5 to 30 quintals per hectare, depending on the technology of sowing and other factors affecting the yield.
The director of LLP Victor Redin believes that the citizens of North Kazakhstan received a pretty good harvest in a dry year largely thanks to the support of the government. The local authorities provided farmers with subsidized fertilizer and herbicides.
Speaking to the reporters, the head of the region stressed that thanks to the support of the government domestic agro-industrial complex gets stable results. A striking example is the current dry year. Largely due to the allocated budget means farmers have been able to accomplish the complex of activities which is necessary for the cultivation of wheat and to get the average yield in difficult circumstances this year.
Grain-admitting enterprises are ready to accept new crop. 41 of the 49 licensed elevators operating in the region have already passed certification; the rest will complete this process before August, 16. Combines are ready to the harvest.
“I hope that the entire crop will be harvested and preserved. We from our side are doing everything in order to make harvesting campaign more organized. We do not know whether we will receive good crop in this dry year, but our task is to do everything to harvest and to store crop”, said Serik Bilyalov.
It should be noted that the harvesting area of cereals this year is 3 million 900 thousand hectares. 
First of all, the harvest started in the fields that are worse. “Thus, we focus on the average yield – 10 quintals per hectare”, said head of the region.

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