North Kazakhstan farmers have threshed almost 5.5 million tons of grain

As of September 28, North Kazakhstan growers harvested grain and leguminous crops on more than 3 million 46 thousand hectares – 98.7% of the area.

According to the regional department of agriculture, in the North Kazakhstan region the output is almost 5.5 million tons with a yield of 18.2 quintals per hectare.

Harvesting is completed in Esil, Zhambyl, Mamlyuka, Timiryazev, Shal akyn and in G.Musrepov districts.

Oilseeds in the North Kazakhstan region are harvested on 82% of the area.

The oilseeds output is 562,000 tons, the yield is 9.9 q / ha.

There are little vegetables left in the fields, less than one percent. Gross harvest is almost 100 thousand tons, with a yield of more than 200 q / ha. Their harvest is completed by all districts, except for Tayynsha and Mamlyutka.

We recall, as previously informed the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”, according to statistical data, agricultural producers of the North-Kazakhstan region in 2016 harvested 5.7 million tons of grain from an area of 3.2 million hectares with a yield of 17.8 q / ha . It is collected 485 thousand tons of oilseeds at a yield of 9.7 q / ha.

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