North Kazakhstan: In 2012 vegetable oil output was 2.2 times higher than in 2011

Новость на Казах-зерно:

In the manufacturing industry, which occupies 74.6% in the structure of the industrial production of the North-Kazakhstan region, in January-December, 2012 the output was for 91.4 billion tenge (102.1% compared to January-December, 2011).

“Production of sunflower oil in 2012 compared to January-December, 2011 increased 2.2 times, processed liquid milk and cream – by 26.8%, groats, coarse flour and pellets, grain products – by 23.3%, and distilled alcoholic beverages – by 27.5%, meat and byproducts – by 21.3%”, reported representatives of the regional statistics office to the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

Last year, North Kazakhstan growers harvested 4,951 thousand tons of grain (8568.9 thousand tons – in 2011).

The volume of gross agricultural production in January-December, 2012 amounted to 238.6 billion tenge, of which livestock – 74.1 billion tenge, plant growing – 164.3 billion.

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