North Kazakhstan: In the spring it would be more profitable to exchange of grain than to sell it?

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Unstable price situation on the grain market of Kazakhstan force farmers to seriously consider several options of events in which they may be next spring. One of them is a fair exchange, writes the correspondent of IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

Not all farmers are satisfied with the current prices for the new crop. Nor were all the farmlands affected by abnormal drought. In the North-Kazakhstan region, several areas were under the influence of strong heat, among them was the district of G.Musrepov.

“Our land was not spared by drought, rains were generally rare guests. As a result, we harvested an average 7 q / ha. Judging by the prices, we will only cover the costs”, said in LLC “Tselinny 2004”.

But farmers are not in a hurry to sell the harvest, and the main reason is not in the increase of price for grain. Most of all they are worried about “Spring Fever”, because the cost of agrichemicals and petroleum products is also unpredictable.

“With such differences, who knows what will happen in spring. Suddenly, barter would be more profitable than sale? This was practiced when we traded grain for fertilizer and fuel”, said farmers. Therefore, farmers have saved part of their “gold” in order to avoid losses in the beginning of the new agricultural year.

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