North Kazakhstan: It will not be enough!

At the big agricultural fair on Saturday Petropavlovsk residents bought cheap household products. After the fair, many citizens were disappointed with the quality of the purchased goods.

The large agricultural fair that was held on Saturday showed that demand for household food remains consistent high. The fair began its work at nine in the morning, and by noon the counters had already been emptied.

As the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” informs, first of all the townspeople bought up meat. Vegetables for winter storage, dairy products, eggs, honey are also popular.

In the central square of Petropavlovsk, the townspeople were offered pork and beef at the price of 1,200 KZT per kilogram, lamb – 1,000 KZT, honey – 1,300 KZT, cottage cheese – 500 KZT, potatoes – 65 KZT per kilogram.

The customers noted that the prices for products are acceptable. Nevertheless, there were many complaints from the citizens. Firstly, about the amount of meat, and eggs. By 11 o’clock these products had almost finished on the counters.

Buyers were not inspired by the price of a chicken egg as well. In the corporate outlets of the poultry farms eggs can be bought for 205 tenge per 10 pieces, and at the fair they were offered at the price of 210-230 tenge.

In addition, many townspeople bought potatoes of inadequate quality, which is absolutely not suitable for long-term storage.

Taught by bitter experience, the townspeople will henceforth carefully choose food at fairs.

Agricultural fairs in the region will be held regularly. Their main goal is to stabilize food prices.

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