North Kazakhstan: Potatoes and carrots of a new crop are “grown up” in price

Новость на Казах-зерно:

There is an increase in flour prices, which rose by 10 tenge, on the markets of North Kazakhstan over the past ten days.

About ten days ago reporters of IA “Kazakh-Zerno” noted the decline in prices for sunflower oil, but nowadays there is a rise in price of product by 5 tenge – 275 tg/liter.

There is no significant change at the meat market, except beef, which is added to the price of 150 KZT- 1350 tg / kg. Horse meat and mutton are in the same price range – 1600 and 1450 tg per kilogram, respectively.

Prices for cucumbers and tomatoes are significantly decreased by 50 and 40 tg per kg. But carrots of a new crop added in price by 30 tenge. Consumers of North Kazakhstan region can buy potato for 150 tg / kg.

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