North Kazakhstan: Precipitation cheered up grain growers from Shalakyn region

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Heavy rainfall during the last days significantly corrected the condition of crops in the fields of the region. In particular, these rains are called timely by farmers of Shalakyn region.

As the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” was informed in LLC “Asar-Sever”, the land received land about 5-6 mm of moisture during two days. “Everything is going well in principle. Rains are pouring, and it is good, it means that we will have bread”, explained in the partnership.

In the first fields of the LLC “Khazari” shoots have already thrown the ear, and soil moisture and rain as never joined in time. “Precipitation was very fitty. They improved situation greatly. Now it is possible to guarantee a minimum yield per hectare of 10 quintals”, explained in the household.

However, not all lands of Shalakyn growers got full of rainwater. “Strip showers were only once, and then again the weather became dry. This, of course, changed the condition of the plants for the better, but still we should not wait for a special crop, because before these rains it was very hot”, said the landowner Samat Rashitov.

The mood of the peasants has improved, because, in their view, 2013 will stand out much worse than 2011 with a bumper crop, but what certainly is good – better than dry 2012.

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