North Kazakhstan: Rains slowed down harvest process

Новость на Казах-зeрно:

Due to small rains, farms were forced to suspend the work of harvesting machineries and delay harvesting for couple day, a correspondent of IA “Kazakh-Zerno” writes. Recall, due to extreme weather conditions and the rapid maturation of plants, North Kazakhstan farmers started the harvesting campaign 7-8 days earlier than usually.

Rain pours fields of LLP “Albina Esil” the last 2 days. Though precipitations are not strong, but it is time not for harvesting. Farmers say clouds will stand up till August 23, so that during next 5 days this partnership, which promises to get 12-15 q / ha, will not harvest.

Clouds will not give LLP “Hermes” an opportunity to start the work of grain harvesting machineries on fields. Farmers are sure that they will have to wait. They are expecting the yield of 15 q / ha.

According to official data, the harvesting reached 12% of the area of ​​cultivated crops. The lowest yield is fixed on the fields of Gabit Musrepov`s area. Here the figure is kept at 6 q / ha.

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