North Kazakhstan: The harvest covered expenses

Новость на Казах-зерно:

The drought that happened this year could not “take away” the harvest of North Kazakhstan grain growers and leave farmers with an empty purse. And even if little grain was harvested, but the status of the current crop “golden” is fully justified by prices, about which last year farmers with crowded barns only dreamed, wrote the correspondent of IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

You can not say that the policy chosen by the farmers – to keep grain in private warehouses – is not right. Harvest does not ask to eat or drink. But delay in selling the grain may become unjustified measure for farmers.

“The farmers think that prices will rise even higher. But for wheat of 3 class with gluten content of 23-24% the price of 309-313 dollars per ton is already a good price”, the chairman of the branch of the ROD SFK in NKR Niaz Ibraev.

There will not be the price rise, which farmers are waiting for. So, the hopes of farmers to sell their grain at exorbitant are unlikely to come true. While you need to pay tribute to the past summer season. Drought spared fields of local farms and allowed to collect an average grain harvest.

“In an average year farmers raise about 13-14 q/ ha, which is covering the costs”, said Niaz Ibraev.

It has no sense to take cue from 2011, with its record yield of 28 q / ha, because farmers can have such luck only once in 10-12 years.

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