North Kazakhstan: We do not need state grain – growers

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Farmers are offered to purchase grain from the state reserve and then return it in the spring. Is it an original aid for farmers or the state simply still does not know what to do with food supplies?

Since the middle of summer IA “Kazakh-Zerno” raised the issue of loading of elevators in North Kazakhstan by the grain of the Food Corporation. Then in the agricultural department assured that the plan of shipments is already defined and state grain reserve will not be left without a place.

This year, farmers with little enthusiasm gave a part of their harvest for CRP, and according to the Ministry of Agriculture on November 1, kept in the private warehouses around 3 million 150 thousand tons of grain. And at the CRP there are 2 million 153.1 thousand tons, which they are slowly trying to foist to farmers.

As one of the farmers in the region told our correspondent, now they offer to take state grain in debt. “It is not voluntary and mandatory, of course, but why do we need it? Farmers in the north of the country received a good harvest; this ton will not play a great role. They just do not know where they have to put these volumes”, said the landowner.

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