North Kazakhstan: Wheat promises to give more than two tons per hectare – Agronomist

Новость на Казах-зерно:

Wheat fields of the LLC “Hulanda” in the Mamlyutsky district promise to yield not less than 20 quintals per hectare, which is a great joy for an agronomist of the farm household. “The results of cultivated crops can be summed up, and if not to be modest, the crop through due to the chemicals we used is to exceed two tons per hectare, but then again it is all about the specific yield”, said Musa Sagandykov.

“Plant protection products helped us significantly to grow crops and maintain them in good condition. Since the spring after a drought crops were severely ill. Then there were rains, the fields are aligned, and the species harvest became well seen, said the agronomist.

In the mid-June, when fields of the economy during the agritour were visited by the expedition, Musa Sagandykov assured the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno” that land of grain will give an average of 17-18 q / ha. Two months later, the resulting species yield pleasantly surprised agronomist.

“From the heavy rains there was rust on the plants, but we were given chemicals from the budget and with the aircraft we treated fields with wheat. All diseases have stopped. Then the sun came out, wheat and barley immediately brightened. Year for agriculture is unambiguously good”, said the source.

At present only weather next autumn is raising concerns. If the golden age will be a long and rainy – farm will suffer great losses. The human factor will not be able to affect the harvest. “Technology and warehouses for the new bread are already prepared; only the weather would be dry, then all have good mood, and the machinery works properly and does not break”, said Musa.

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