Over 86 thousand hectares of arable land will be returned into circulation in Zhambyl region

Currently, work is being done to restore the irrigation system in Zhambyl region, which will allow returning into circulation the sown areas that have come out of it, the correspondent of “KazakhZerno.kz” NA reports.

According to the deputy director ofZhambyl regional branch of the Republican State Enterprise “Kazvodkhoz”, GaliyaZarubayeva, out of 229.7 thousand hectares of irrigated land in the region, only 143 thousand hectares are used for sowing. The remaining 86.2 thousand hectares are out of circulation due to the complete destruction of irrigation networks. The State Program for the Development of the AIC for 2017–2021 is intended to improve the situation. In this case, the program provides the implementation of activities on three indicators.

The first indicator will allow restoring irrigation on unused, but highly sought land on an area of 86.2 thousand hectares. That is, reconstruction will be carried out on 436 waterworks facilities with a total length of about 3 thousand km. To restore irrigation on an area of 51.3 thousand km, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) granted a loan under a state guarantee.

“It is also planned to sign an agreement on raising loan funds from the Asian Bank for Reconstruction and Development to implement projects for the reconstruction of water-management and hydro-reclamation systems in four districts of the region on an area of 34.977 hectares in order to resume irrigation of irrigated lands,” said GaliyaZarubayeva.

She also noted that currently, within the framework of the EBRD loan, 31 projects have been developed, of which 24 received a positive decision of the state expertise. Work has already begun on the modernization of three canals in Zhambyl region, the reconstruction area is 1.4 thousand hectares. Public procurement competitions are held for six projects; the winners will be determined soon.

The second indicator allows the construction of three new reservoirs. This work is scheduled tobegin before the end of 2020. The construction of the reservoir Rgayty will increase the water supply of 19 thousand hectares of farmland, Kalguty – 9 thousand, Akmoly – 6.5 thousand.

According to the third indicator, it was decided to restore 3 water reservoirs in emergency conditionin the region – Karakonyz in Kordai, Tasotkel in Shusky and Yntaly in Sarysu districts. The implementation of these projects will increase the filling of these reservoirs twice or thrice.

Moreover, the certification of water facilities has been completedin the region. They are transferred to republican ownership on the balance of the Zhambyl branch of “Kazvodkhoz”RSE. To date, 387 channels have been transferred, and by the end of this year, the remaining 49 water management facilities will be accepted on the RSE balance.

Meanwhile, it is possible that after the reconstruction of irrigation networks and waterworksfacilities, the cost of irrigation water will increase. Currently, one cubic meter of life-giving moisture costs 20.8 tiyn for field farmers. According to experts, the cost of irrigation water may increase to 48 tiyn per m3 by 2023, excluding VAT. It is this tariff that is laid down in the order of the Committee for the Regulation of Natural Monopolies, Protection of Competition and Consumer Rights of the MNE of the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved in 2018.

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