Plant growing develops dynamically in Zhetysu

In the first quarter of 2019, the gross agricultural output in Almaty region amounted to 98.8 billion tenge, the growth of volume index amounted to 2.4 percent.

In the plant growing sector, the work on preserving moisture was carried out on 422.6 thousand hectares, presowing treatment of arable land – on 317.8 thousand hectares, and 281.9 thousand hectares of land were plowed.

About 1,112 hectares of new gardens were laid out, of which Aport apples – 16 hectares, intensive gardens – 40 hectares.

The greenhouses produced more than 10 thousand tons of early vegetables, reports “” NA.

Five service and procuring centers for sugar beet were opened with transfer of 77 units of specialized equipment at the expense of the regional budget (1.3 billion tenge). Moreover, another service and procuring center for potatoes is at the stage of creation; it is planned to purchase 87 units of agricultural equipment (317 million tenge).

Since the beginning of the year, a total of 148 units of agricultural machinery have been purchased worth 2.1 billion tenge.

As the head of state noted during the May meeting with akim Amandyk Battalov and public representatives of Almaty region, today Zhetysu is developing dynamically and is leading in terms of agricultural production. The share of manufacturing industry is the highest across the country – 86 percent.

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