Production of cow milk in Kazakhstan in November amounted to 333.8 thousand tons

Production of cow milk in Kazakhstan in November decreased compared with October, but it grew higher compared with the last year. According to the Statistics Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 382.3 thousand tons of milk were received in October, and in November its production was 333.8 thousand tons. As a result, in November the production of this product fell by 48.5 thousand tons or by 12.7%. The same dynamics for milk was in the past year for this period – 368.7 and 322.2 thousand tons in 2016 and 2017, respectively, with a decrease of 46.5 thousand tons or by 12.6%.

Exceedance of figures of the past month compared to the same period of the previous year of is 11.6 thousand tons or 3.6%.

However, the decline took place not in all regions, reports the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”. In three of them there was an increase in production. These are Almaty region – by 8 thousand tons, Atyrau – by 1.1 thousand tons and Kyzylorda – by 0.4 thousand tons. The largest decrease in milk production was in the North Kazakhstan – by 14.2 thousand tons, in the East Kazakhstan – by 8.9 thousand tons and in Pavlodar region – by 7.2 thousand tons.

In the context of different regions, the largest milk producers in November with volumes above or about 50 thousand tons were Almaty region – 60.5 thousand tons, the East Kazakhstan – 57.2 thousand tons and the South Kazakhstan region – 48.2 thousand tons.

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