“Green” jobs will be created in East Kazakhstan

The UNDP’s “Climate Risk Management in Kazakhstan” project initiated a seminar entitled “Developing capacities to introduce effective agricultural practices to help create “green” jobs and reduce climate risks” held on September 3-4 in Semey.

The seminar is an initiative of the UNDP’s project entitled “Wider Europe: Trade Facilitation in Central Asia, South Caucasus and Western CIS countries” and “Climate risk management in Kazakhstan.”

According to the scientists, climate change has become a major challenge for mankind in the 21st century. We have to learn how to react and adapt to current and future climate risks and threats, as this problem will not only affect the environment, but also social and economic development of the country, per capita. Experts estimate that in the coming decades climate change in Kazakhstan will be offset to the north of the border zone moisture, increasing deserts, degraded land, the loss of biological diversity. Even now rapidly shrinking glaciers, increasing the number of floods and landslides, the UNDP Kazakhstan said.

The UNDP’s “Wider Europe: Trade Facilitation in Central Asia, South Caucasus and Western CIS countries” project in East Kazakhstan region, is taking steps to strengthen the capacity of entrepreneurs and farmers to implement new technologies with economic and social benefits.

At the same time, the multi-country program on climate risk management, implemented in Kazakhstan, aims to inform the local population and decision makers about the potential risks associated with climate change and the measures to be taken to adapt the rural communities to these risks. The population is not well informed about climate change and its impacts on agriculture, does not bind the current problems with increasing aridity, and in most cases, does not think that is necessary to implement water-saving technologies, using crop rotation, to replace moisture-loving culture is more drought-resistant varieties, etc.

Similar seminars with expert presentations and problems discussion with the participants are known to be a necessary step preparing the population to increase aridity happening in Kazakhstan. For two days, it showcased best agricultural practices and approaches implemented in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. For the participants of the meeting was organized a tour to the territory of the project to become familiar with the new technologies embedded contributing to the creation of “green jobs”.

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