Quiet get-together “by large”

“Well, when is the brother of the zakim of the region?”  A video with the same name was released on the eve of the channel Why Solay on Youtube.  The authors debunk the next scheme of squandering public funds, reports the correspondent of KazakhZerno.kz.

 The video voices the results of preferential targeted privatization of the assets of the Alibi group of companies, namely land plots, of which the once prosperous agricultural holding had about a million hectares.

 “According to the order of the First Vice Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Berik Sholpankulov, the agency distributed the assets of 38 borrowers included in the Alibi Group to the new owners.  Earlier, these debt instruments were purchased by the state-owned Fund for Problem Loans JSC from Tsesnabank JSC at a nominal price of 450 billion tenge”, in video says.

 Assets were transferred under unusually attractive conditions.  For example: in installments for 15 years with an initial payment of 1% of the cost with a grace period for payments in the first three years.  The amount of remuneration for installments up to three years is 0%.  Further, the step of increasing remuneration was 0.5%.

 In other words, the interest rate for installments for 15 years reached only 7.5% per annum.  The Ministry of Finance does not disclose the estimated value of the purchase of assets.

Even more intriguing is the fact that only investors who were determined by local executive bodies, in other words, akimats, could buy land.  Here the most interesting begins: in the North Kazakhstan region, the issues of the agro-industrial complex and economy are supervised by the first deputy of the region Marat Imanbaevich Tasmaganbetov.  And among the selected investors is a company called Astyk Privolny, whose director is Baurzhan Imanbaevich Tasmaganbetov.

 “The fact that he is the brother of the first deputy of the region is of course pure coincidence.  But that is not all.  The founder of the aforementioned Astyk Privolny company is Kusainov Bakhyt Mazhitovich, who is the founder of Ishimskoye-Agro LLP.  In the Adil management company, Bakhyt Kusainov is already acting as a director.  The founder there is Ulan Arkenov, who, in turn, is also the founder of KazStroyTrade LLP, where Seisekhan Smagulov is listed as the director.  He has his own company, in which he is both the founder and director – ES Global Agro LLP.  All the aforementioned companies were among the lucky investors – investors who got hundreds of thousands of hectares of land on super favorable terms”, the author says.

Another key point. All buyer companies are registered in one rural district named after Gabit Musrepov SKO, the akim of which not so long ago was Marat Tasmaganbetov.  Moreover, Ishimskoye Agro LLP, Adil management company and Astyk Privolny are registered at the same address.

However, this is not the only known surname in the list of investors.  Appears here and the nephew of the former Akim of Pavlodar region Bulat Bokauov – Ruslan Bakauov with his already notorious company “AksuTransLogistiс”.

 “Experts suggest that the cost of land for selected investors could be significantly underestimated, which means that we can well observe the next scheme of squandering public funds.  So in a neighborly or brotherly way, certain people got pennies over huge territories.  In this regard, the question arises: why didn’t they hold an open competition, during which the state could make a substantial profit, but decided to quietly arrange a bargain, during which, most likely, only their own ones remained in the broth.  I really want the Alik Shpekbayev department to ask this question.  Let’s hope! ”, in video says.

Tatyana Zlaya

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