Self-sufficiency in poultry meat is about 50% – the Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan

On Thursday, March 12 will be held annual reporting back meeting of the Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan with the participation of the Minister of Agriculture, representatives of the National Chamber of Kazakhstan. During the meeting, poultry keepers of Kazakhstan will sum up the production activities of the industry for 2014 and discuss the difficulties and problems.

We recall that last year the poultry farms of the country produced more than 3.2 billion eggs and 148 thousand tons of poultry meat, informed the Union of Poultry Farmers. In 2014, about 14.2 billion tenge was allocated to the country’s poultry farms in the form of subsidies. Last year, 3 new poultry farms were put into operation.

Domestic market remains stable. Currently, the production of eggs in the country covers domestic needs by 100%, said the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”. However, as indicated in the union, self-sufficiency in poultry meat at the moment is about 50%, while chicken production takes the second place after beef production in the country. This year it is planned to build 2-3 large poultry plants for the production of poultry meat, and 3-4 years later local poultry farms will be able to provide the Kazakh market with poultry meat by 100%.

According to the forecasts of the Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan, egg production in 2015 will amount to more than 5 billion pieces, poultry meat – more than 190.5 thousand tons.

The meeting will focus on the most problematic issues of the industry, requiring early solution.

First of all, special attention will be paid to the further strengthening of state support to the poultry industry and improvement of sales mechanisms in order to raise its investment attractiveness and competitiveness.

Moreover, will be discussed the issue of development of own breeding base, which is one of the most painful problems for the industry. Breeding base in the country is currently experiencing difficulties. There are no multiplication farms of the first order, and all existing bred livestock farms in the meat and egg poultry breeding are multiplication farms of the second order. Available production capacities do not cover the needs of the country. Poor quality of existing breeding material makes many poultry farmers to import stock from abroad. For this reason, poultry farms annually spend tens of millions of dollars on the purchase of breeding eggs and day-old chicks, and, thus, support foreign breeding farms.

The issue of protecting the domestic market from imported products, filling domestic counters, is particularly acute for poultry farmers of the country, who have difficulties with sales of products due to dumping.

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