South Kazakhstan farmers have gathered 43.4 thousand hectares of safflower

South Kazakhstan farmers are actively gathering safflower. At present, harvest covered 43.4 thousand hectares. The average crop yield is 8.6 q / ha, wrote the correspondent of the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

Gross harvest of this crop in the region reached 37.3 thousand tons. Farmers still have to collect corn and legumes. Harvesting of grain crop in the region was completed last week.

We recall that in the current year grain harvest in 2013 is 2.3 times higher than last year’s figure. Growers harvested 358 thousand tons of cereal crops. The average yield in the region was close to 20 q/ ha.

In the past dry year, farmers had to be content with the yield of 10.3 q / ha. The total volume of cereal crops that were harvested, reached 152.8 thousand tons.

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