South Kazakhstan: Why the prices for raw cotton are growing?

This year, the deficit of raw cotton is not threatened by the Makhtaaral dekhkan. To date, harvested 2502 tons, of which 100 tons were sent to China and Turkey. Note that the cost of foreign cotton is 1350-1400 tenge, and domestic is sold for 230 tenge per kilogram.

“The difference between foreign and domestic cotton is in quality. Last year, agrarians from one hectare collected 30-35 centners of a raw Turkish crop. But the cost of this cotton is high. Therefore, Macta-Aral cotton growers prefer domestic varieties. This spring, our company prepared 150 tons of raw cotton,” said Zhandarbek Abenov, head of the shop of the production cooperative” Bakytzhan “.

Last year, the cost of cotton fell to 160 tenge per kilogram, the Kazakh-Zerno news agency reported to the press service of the South Kazakhstan akim. And the reason for the rise in price of 100 tenge in the production cooperative “Bakytzhan” is associated with the costs of seed preparation and the increased price of mineral supplements.

“The price increase for 100 tenge is associated with an increase in expenses. Now it is not easy to grow quality cotton. Agrarians are sympathetic to the rise in the price of 100 tenge. We expect that at the height of the spring sowing prices will stabilize. But the most important is that this year the deficit of raw cotton is not threatened by the Makhtaaral dehkans, “said J.Abenov.

We recall that in the spring of last year Mactaaral cotton growers strongly felt the shortage of cotton. As a result of this, efforts were made to sow the cotton in spring. This year, Miraly Koldabaev, who experienced last year’s cotton deficit, bought the necessary 100 kg of raw cotton seeds for sowing on 4 hectares.

“It is convenient for us to grow our own variety of cotton” Maktaaral “. It is able to withstand the hot weather and water shortage. Therefore, I bought cotton from the production cooperative “Bakytzhan” and plan to plant it on 8 hectares, “said the head of the peasant farm” Kjapsarata “M. Koldabaev.

It should be noted that this year the Makhtaaralis plan to plant raw cotton for 80,000 hectares. Of these, 2,500 hectares have already been sown. In the case of full machinery readiness, the peasants are ready to complete the sowing operations within the next 10 days. According to preliminary data, last year in the region cotton was planted on an area of 83 thousand hectares. Including, 20 thousand hectares are sown with a wide application of innovative technologies. This trend will continue this year.

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