Sowing of buckwheat and soybeans continues in the East Kazakhstan

At a time when the sowing campaign is over in the main grain-sowing regions and more southern areas of the republic, it will continue in the East-Kazakhstan region for individual crops, which is explained both by the specifics of these plants and by the climatic conditions of the region. The weather hinders farmers. In 2019, spring and summer do not skimp on precipitation.

As of June 14, in the East Kazakhstan region, the areas planted with buckwheat, as it was reported to the correspondent of  “” NA in the regional administration of agriculture, made up more than 55 percent of the assignment. On the same date, safflower was sownon 24 percent of the planned area, soybeans – on 78 percent and other oilseeds (flax, camelina, mustard, etc.) – on 38 percent.

It should be noted that the pace here is slightly lower than last year. For example, sowing of buckwheat at the same period of 2018 was completedby 80 percent, safflower – by almost 50 percent of the plan. However, the reason for that are rains that occur in the region with small intervalsduring the last three weeks.

It is true that this year the areas sown with these crops have grown up as well. In 2018, they amounted to 33 thousand hectares ( forbuckwheat), in 2019 – 34 thousand hectares. Soybean occupied about 8 thousand hectares, and now – almost 11 thousand hectares.

From the current year’s forage grasses, sowing of annual and perennial grasses is completed by 70% and 95%, respectively.

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