Statisticians exposed Asylzhan Mamytbekov’s lies

Kazakhstan buys 10 times more meat from the foreign market than it exports!  As for beef, it is imported into the country five times (!) More than it is exported.  This is evidenced by the Committee on Statistics of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Meat imbalance

According to statistics, in 2019 Kazakhstan shipped 22.6 thousand tons of meat of all kinds abroad.  At the same time, 203 thousand tons of meat were imported into the country, reports.

 At the same time, beef export amounted to only 5 thousand 571 tons (1608.6 tons of fresh or chilled, 3962.4 tons of frozen).

 But what about the import of beef?

 For the same 2019, 25 thousand 823 tons were imported into Kazakhstan (9900.6 tons of fresh or chilled, 15922.4 tons of bewitched).  That is, beef is imported into the country five times more than exported!

 And now let’s quote the post of ex-Minister of Agriculture (the current head of the Meat Union) Asylzhan Mamytbekov of January 20, 2020:

 “Today we held a briefing.  The main news at this event was the fulfillment of the task of exporting Kazakhstani meat in the amount of 60 thousand tons.  At the end of 2019, exports exceeded 63 thousand tons”.

 That is, outright lies are evident.

Bold minus

Where did Asylzhan Mamytbekov get the coveted figure of 63 thousand tons?  Yes, he simply and cynically converted live cattle exported abroad (156 thousand heads for 2019) to the meat equivalent.

 But this is not a plus for the country’s economy, but the most fat minus!

 There are several reasons for saying so.

Firstly, the state subsidizes the import of breeding stock from abroad, paying 225 thousand tenge for each heifer.  In 2019, livestock was supplied mainly from Russia.  The goal is known from the ten-year program for the development of beef cattle breeding, developed in 2018 with the direct participation of Asylzhan Mamytbekov (he served as executive secretary of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan) – to double the number of cattle in ten years from 7 to 15 million.

 And what do we see?  While the state spends billions of tenge on livestock imports from Russia, it immediately goes to Uzbekistan.  Moreover, mainly from the Turkestan region, which is now headed by Umirzak Shukeyev – but the development program for beef cattle breeding was developed precisely when he was the Minister of Agriculture.  One gets the feeling that both Mamytbekov and his patron calculated this whole scheme in advance, and the role of intermediaries was assigned to it.  Naturally, having their own interest here, different from the one prescribed in the program.

Secondly, (in addition to squandering budget funds), the damage from livestock exports is expressed in the fact that a goby sold abroad in meat equivalent brings only $ 2 thousand (or even less).  While slaughtered at a domestic meat processing plant and deeply processed, it can provide a profit of $ 15 thousand!

 That is, livestock shipment abroad is minus 700% of potential profit for the country’s meat industry!

Desired prohibition

It is not surprising that the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan introduced a semi-annual sizing on livestock exports (cattle and small cattle).  Indeed, while Mamytbekov and his partner Maksut Baktibaev were driving livestock for the cordon, domestic meat processing plants were only 30% loaded with their potential capabilities.  Processing chokes without raw materials!

 And what is domestic processing?  These are new jobs, these are taxes, this is the creation of a meat cluster, and ultimately the development of rural areas, which are now in decline due to the fact that people do not have employment and there is no way to get decent pay for their livestock raised.  And livestock export will never provide ordinary farmers with the opportunity to earn money, because the scheme has now been built by the Meat Union so that the lion’s share of the profit goes to feedlots.  They bathe in money and chocolate, while the farmers barely make ends meet and think how to pay off the next loan payment.

 This situation is reflected in all ordinary Kazakhstanis – the predatory export of raw materials from the country has led to a sharp rise in meat prices.  All the same statistics report: beef over the past year has risen in price by 16.5%!

Shuler approach

Summing up, one can only marvel at the unscrupulousness with which Asylzhan Mamytbekov manipulates the facts.  No worse than a real sharpie from a train station chasing a ball under three thimbles.  After all, when the meat project was being developed in 2011 and the target indicator was set for the export of 60 thousand tons of beef by the end of 2016, it was, firstly, that by this time the country would reach full self-sufficiency in high-quality meat, and these 60 thousand tons of export  there will be surpluses that will be “removed” from the market.  Well, of course, we were talking about exporting high-quality marbled beef for steaks (for this Angus was brought from overseas!), And not about livestock.

 What do we have now?  Hundreds of billions of dollars from the budget were spent unclear what.  And according to the results of 2019, Kazakhstan imports 200 thousand tons of meat to Kazakhstan.  Although, recall, the next indicator of the meat project was the REMOVAL of 180 thousand tons of high-quality beef following the results of 2020.  We are down by almost 400 tons of meat – and all thanks to the sleight of hand of Asylzhan Mamytbekov.

 As for damage to the state treasury, it would be nice to calculate it to the competent authorities.

Akyn Aulov

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