Strengthening cross-sectoral integration of state structures in climate risk management in Kazakhstan debated

Almaty holds a scientific and practical conference “Strengthening cross-sectoral integration in the management of climate risks in Kazakhstan” on the initiative of the Multi-country capacity building project “Central Asian Countries Initiative for Land Management and the Programme “Climate risk management in Kazakhstan” of the UN Development Program (UNDP).

The conference is attended by representatives of the UN experts, the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty oblast Akimat, Almaty oblast territorial inspection of forestry and hunting, and other partner organizations, the press service of the UNDP Kazakhstan said.

On conclusion of the Intergovernmental Panel of experts on Climate Change (IPCC, 2007) it is expected that the climate in many agricultural regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan will become more arid, which will significantly worsen the situation of water supply against a background of amid growing undersupply of transboundary flows to neighboring countries in Central Asia.

Interconnectedness of climatic and economic conditions of the Republic of Kazakhstan is need for a timely response, coordination, exchange of experience in the field of climate risk management and adaptation to climate change at all levels of government with the active participation of the population. Therefore strategically important to interdepartmental scientific and practical dialogue with representatives of various organizations to discuss the existing problems in this regard.

Participants of the conference is organized by leaving the project site to review the existing adaptive practice of sustainable rangeland management, which will be shown in the experience of cooperatives pasture, experience developing high grassland on degraded lands and demonstrate innovative approaches to improve pasture infrastructure.

A feature of this conference is an attempt to select the most promising methods and the development of a common approach to enhance cross-sectoral integration in the management of climate risks in Kazakhstan at the national level and their involvement in the strategic development plans of our Republic.

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