System of remote control over storage of grain in downspouts developed in Kazakhstan

Новость на Казах-зерно:

The system of remote control over the storage of grain in polyethylene downspouts has been developed in Kazakhstan, Director General of the Kazakhstan Research Institute of Processing of Agricultural Products Darigash Shaymerdenova said in the interview for site.

“The researches of our institute demonstrate that it is not profitable for small manufacturers to build grain elevators. They have alternative types for grain storing such as keeping grain in hangars, under tents and in downspouts,” the Director of the Institute said.

Besides, she also noted that grain storing and grain loading complex equipment was necessary for storing grain in polyethylene downspouts. Grain in them can be kept for one year.

The process must be kept under control and before it was done by means of cutting polyethylene which was not really convenient.

“In order to develop a more convenient method our institute has developed a system of remote control over the temperature by means of installing thermal cord which transmits all the data regarding the temperature of the grain to the computer,” she emphasized.

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