The balance of barley in Kazakhstan exceeds 1.2 million tons

Новость на Казах-зерно:

On the first day of the current month in the bins of the country there were about 1 million 269.9 thousand tons of barley. We recall that on September 1 in the bins of the republic there were only 368.1 thousand tons of crop, said the special correspondent of the IA “Kazakh- Zerno”, referring to the Statistics Agency of Kazakhstan.

According to recent data, private and farm households store about 369.5 thousand tons. At the CRP and country elevators in the beginning of this month was kept 235.6 thousand tons, milling facilities – 27 thousand tons.

Most part of the total volume, and namely 50.2%, is concentrated in warehouses of agricultural enterprises, which is about 637.7 thousand tons.

Of the total stocks of crop for food is procured 548.8 thousand tons, for seeds – 97,4 thousand tons.

We recall that on October 1,2013 in Kazakhstan there was grain and legume crops in the amount of 12 million 852 thousand 248 tons.

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