The FoodCorporation will be laid off at the height of the crisis

Decreased two department directors, three managers and six chief managers at FoodCorporation.  People will lose their jobs on April 1, in the midst of the crisis associated with the spread of coronavirus and a collapse in the markets.

The workers themselves reported this cynical decision to the editors of No, they did not complain.  They were surprised and offended by the fact that the company to which they had been given for many years was getting rid of them at a moment when it was not easy for all Kazakhstanis.

 “On the ship, everyone has one destiny!”  – said Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev in his address to the nation on March 20.  And he asked the business and all organizations to support their employees in a difficult period, trying to save their jobs as much as possible at the time of the crisis.

“I believe that company owners can and should financially and morally support people who work with them every day.  For example, pay for people on temporary forced vacations or put into practice shorter work schedules.  I urge representatives of domestic business not to dismiss employees.  By preserving jobs, you will show your solidarity with society”, said Elbasy.

 So, the leadership of Food Corporation retains these eleven positions.  That is, this is not an optimization of the structure, but a change of team – other people will take the place of the dismissed ones.  The motivation for the dismissal is interesting – “update”.

 “Do not abandon your loved ones in difficult times – this is in the blood of the Kazakh people, in its genes and ancient traditions”, summed up Elbasy.

 Apparently, the chairman of the board of the National Company Food Contract Corporation, JSC, Karaulov Kanat Serikovich somehow understood in his own way the phrase of the First President about “his relatives” … The team believes that those who worked with Kanat Karaulov will now come to the company, when he headed JSC FoodCorporation (1999-2006) and Kazagrogarant JSC (2006-2008).

Myrzabek Smagulov

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