The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan continues to pour water on the wheel of Mamytbekov

What Asylzhan Mamytbekov managed to do while occupying the posts of minister and then executive secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan will have to be raked by not one of his successors.  And it is not yet known whether it will be possible to rid the industry of the paralysis into which it fell under the crazy timing arms, writes

Curve diagram

Of course, the most sensitive issue is state support. It would seem that everything should be simple and clear – give the cheap long-term loans to producers of agricultural products, plus subsidize the export of FINISHED products. And everything will work like clockwork.

But the paradoxical essence of many of our officials (and the head of the Ministry of agriculture of RK of Asylzhan Mamytbekov in particular), forced and makes them think only about quick profit. And it’s always just selling raw materials, where you can quickly earn. That’s why we were in that situation, which recently said the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev: Kazakhstan is importing food by $3.5 billion And, according to those positions that could easily close on their own – from garlic to poultry.

The current government went to inordinate financial burden of subsidising the livestock industry. For this purpose, in 2019, it took about 115 billion tenge (including poultry). Moreover, the budgeted money is not enough, and had to allocate an additional tens of billions tenge.

Why the government was forced to take this step? Because thousands of Kazakhstani farmers have become hostages of the curves of distribution of state aid, invented in the minds of the leaders of the Ministry of agriculture.

Here is just one example – subsidies purchased the breeding stock.

Everything was “decorated” in this way to raise beef production. In the country, without importing heifers impossible – say, the natural reproduction rate is too slow. Therefore, the Ministry of agriculture of Kazakhstan to 2018 (in Sukeva – the Minister of agriculture and Mamytbekova responsible Secretary) decided to subsidize imported cattle. Based 225 thousand tenge per head.

In someone else’s pocket

Any person of sound mind it is clear that in this case, the state (money from the budget of Kazakhstan) go to support Russian breeders who get guaranteed sales of their cattle (not the highest quality, not very healthy and not very productive).

Kazakhstan farmer thus gets nothing – except for those poor heifers, which they then don’t know what to do, but to pass for a song to export to Uzbekistan. By the way, this country became the second beneficiary of state support. But farmers remained innocent.

So, what started all this team Mamytbekov? The answer is simple – they act as intermediaries in both cases – the importation of cattle from Russia and for exports to Uzbekistan.

That is, they do not produce anything, but the delivery services earn quick and easy (and big) money!

At the same time, the exit from this vicious circle as no. Was it last year that the government should stop paying subsidies – as “heated” Mamytbekov Meat Union, the farmers began to demand money and threaten rallies.

This year, the Ministry of agriculture decided to take on the root of the problem and change the very essence of the grant. However, again it makes it awkward, limited to half-measures. Like the rest in the Ministry of agriculture Mamytbekov people continue to defend the interests of the chief.

In the end, many Kazakh farmers the impression that the Ministry of agriculture diskriminerad domestic producers. About it (and only it) in an open letter to the Minister of agriculture wrote to Kazakh agrarian almasbek Sadyrbaev.

Neighbors experience

On his Facebook page, Almasbek Sadyrbaev writes that he recently visited Russia and studied the system of state support for livestock farming that operates there.  Including, visited breeding farms.

 As Almasbek Sadyrbaev emphasized, he was surprised by the neighbors’ approach to state support for the purchase of pedigree cattle: subsidies for buying local cattle from them are twice as high as imported ones.

 In Kazakhstan, the opposite is true.  Until recently, subsidies for the purchase of foreign cattle amounted to 225 thousand tenge per head, domestic – 150 thousand. And now, in the draft rules developed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, subsidies for livestock, subsidies for the purchase of foreign cattle – 300 thousand tenge, domestic – 150 thousand.

 “Mr. Minister, how long will we infringe on our own farmers in our country ?!”, Almasbek Sadyrbaev asks.

 And asks on behalf of thousands of farmers to support domestic producers.

The trough is still the same

We add from ourselves that according to the portal, in 2020 in the Russian Federation the size of the subsidy rate for the purchase of young stock breeding is determined in the region.  At the same time, the reimbursement of costs for the purchase of breeding young animals applies only to animals produced in Russia.  The subsidy does not apply to imported animals at all!

 And it is right!  The Russian Ministry of Agriculture and people in the industry clearly understand the threats of epizootics when importing animals.  No one needs to be reminded of the number of diseases imported by Angus to Kazakhstan.  Even the Russians clearly understand that the laws of the market are very cruel: no livestock power will grow a competitor.  Only business – nothing personal!

 This is exactly what Almasbek Sadyrbaev is trying to convey to the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 Addressing the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, he writes: “Dear Saparkhan Kesikpaevich!  Over the past years, a large number of imported livestock have been imported into the country.  Evaluation of that work on everyone’s lips.  And I’m sure that on the basis of those events they will make films about adventurers ”…

 Will the agrarian hear in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan?  The experience of recent years says no.  Unfortunately, officials have their own selfish interests always win conscience, patriotism and common sense.  Over and over again, the changing system of distribution of budget support has one result – people close to the feeder fill their pockets, and ordinary farmers remain with debt on loans and a bunch of unresolved problems.

Myrzabek Smagulov

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