The number of camels has decreased by 1.5 percent, pigs – by 13 percent in Almaty region

As of June 1, the total number of cattle in all categories of farms in Almaty region as a whole compared with the same date last year increased by 2.4 percent and amounted to 1,235.8 thousand heads; horses – by 5.3 percent and 373.9 thousand heads, respectively; birds – 3.6 percent and 10,838.3 thousand heads; sheep and goats – by 1.2 percent and 4,894.9 thousand heads; camels decreased by – 1.5 percent and amounted to 7,928 heads; pigs – 13.1 percentand 67.9 thousand heads, “” NA reports, referring to the report of the regional statistics department.

The number of cattle, as of June 1, increased among agricultural producers in all districts compared to the corresponding date of the last year.

At the same time, the number of sheep and goats in Sarkand (14.7 percent) and Talgar (by 27.3 percent) decreased by that date; camels in Zhambyl (by 20.1 percent), Aksu (by 10.3 percent), Panfilov (by 12.9 percent), Balkhash (by 1.7 percent); pigs in Talgar (by 69.6 percent), Karasai (by 20.2 percent), Ili (by 7.2 percent); birds – in Iliysky (by 13.3 percent), Panfilov (by 5 percent); in Taldykorgan (4.9 percent).

As of June 1, the share of households of the population in terms of head count of cattle was 51.6 percent, agricultural enterprises – 7.3 percent, in peasant and private farms and individual entrepreneurs – 41.2 percent; for sheep and goats – 44.2 percent, 3.9 percent, 51.8 percent, respectively; pigs – 28.1 percent, 24.3 percent, 47.6 percent; horses – 42.7 percent, 4.9 percent, 52.4 percent; poultry – 14.6 percent, 84.4 percent, 1.0 percent.

In May, sales of all types of livestock and poultry in live weight for slaughter amounted to 117.7 thousand tons and increased by 3.2 percent; milk production, respectively – 290.3 thousand tons, by 3.9 percent; chicken eggs – 353.3 million pieces.

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