The prosecutor’s office found violations of the JSC “Ak biday terminal” concerning grain exporters

The timely transportation and export of domestic grain are under constant control of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“In this regard, the bodies of the transport prosecutor’s office audited the activities of JSC «Ak biday terminal» on abiding the law while the loading of grain by sea, during of which there were identified violations of the rights of entrepreneurs – exporters of grain”, – IA “Kazakh-Zerno” was informed by the main transport prosecutor’s office of Kazakhstan.

Thus, the inspection found that the JSC “Ak biday terminal” has not developed a system of priority of grain handling; exporters are not provided with any information on utilization of the grain terminal, which deprives them of opportunity to plan their work, and makes them to use the services of freight forwarders for a separate charge.

Moreover, the system of services of JSC “Ak biday terminal” – the only specialized company in Kazakhstan to implement the handling of grain to the ships, is organized in such a way that producers and exporters of grain are forced to work exclusively through the forwarding companies, for services of which they have to pay 259 tenge per ton of product.

Along with this, the legislation does not regulate the procedure of grain shipment for export through the terminal and the port, particularly procedure and the form of contracts between exporters and JSC “Ak biday terminal are not defined.

Summarizing the results of audit in JSC “Ak biday terminal” there was made a representation to eliminate violations of law, on the consideration of which has been developed and approved the instruction “On the order of grain handling through the grain terminal JSC “Ak biday terminal.”

At the present time the agency for protection of competition of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carrying out an inspection on the facts of the abuse of dominant market position by JSC “Ak biday terminal”, expressed in the imposition of access conditions to the services for grain handling and carrying out actions leading to discrimination of exporters.

Elena Shaerman

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