The weather in the south and southeast of Kazakhstan favors the growth of winter wheat

In the second decade of April in the south and southeast of Kazakhstan in winter wheat cultivation areas, warm weather with sufficient moisture reserves in the soil was favorable for the growth and development of plants.

As noted in the survey prepared by the RSE “Kazhydromet”, winter wheat was mainly in the phase at the observed sites: the 3rd sheet – tillering, around Shymkent – stalking. The condition of the plants is excellent and good. In the vicinity of Almaty region Akkaynar, weeds are weakly weeded in crops, which do not inhibit cultivated plants.

In the south and south-east of the republic, precipitations above the norm somewhat restrained the carrying out of spring field work. This year, the sowing of spring grain crops is carried out later than usual due to the temperature regime, notes the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

In the southern regions, in the observed areas, spring barley is sown, in some places spring wheat, in the early crops, the first shoots appeared, the condition of plants is good.

The condition of perennial grasses is good, except for the sainfoin in the Almaty region, where the condition of the grass is assessed as satisfactory. Alfalfa and clover are almost everywhere marked by a phase of development: the growth of the stem.

In the north, west and in the center of Kazakhstan, an elevated temperature background favored the resumption of vegetation of the gill and clover. Assessment of the condition of the grass was mostly satisfactory, in some places good. In the vicinity of the Lozovaya MC of the Pavlodar region, the condition of the herb grass is poor.

Fruit cultures during the decade in the south and south-east of the country were mainly in the phase: swelling and budding, in some places – the unfolding of the 10th leaf, the phase: the appearance of the inflorescences in the pear (MC Kamenskoye Plateau) and apple (MS Zharkent). Assessment, condition of fruit trees from the results of observations in general is good, excellent apple orchards around the MS Sarkand of Almaty region. In the gardens in the vicinity of Yesik city of Almaty region, apple trees are treated with poisonous chemicals.

In the second ten-day period of April, the weather was warmer than usual throughout the pasture livestock sector, the precipitation was of different intensity, there were no precipitation in the Kyzylkoginsky district of the Atyrau oblast and in the Ulytau district of the Karaganda region.

Animal grazing was carried out at all points of observation of grazing livestock, a brood campaign and veterinary measures are continuing.

The condition of grasses on hayfields and pastures is satisfactory and good, the pastures are moderate and weak in most livestock breeding sites.

The raw state of the turf at the last day of the decade was noted in the west and south-west of the country, in the Arkalyk district of the Kostanay region and in the Zhambyl district of the Almaty region. In the rest of the pasture livestock sector, the sod was dry.

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