Top AСС manager got into a drunk scandal

In social networks, a disgusting video is rapidly gaining views in which a human-like animal insults a woman with obscene language and threatens colleagues. According to commentators, the main character of the video is Baurzhan Zhaksylykov, one of the leaders of the Agrarian Credit Corporation, the beloved “daughter” of the KazAgro holding

The video itself is available on youtube.  For those who do not want to see the drunken redneck with their own eyes, we will briefly pass on the plot: a young “man” (namely in quotation marks), with furious eyes, repeatedly calls words to the letters “x” and “b” for the woman sitting opposite him at the table.  He is insane, possibly under the influence of drugs.  At the same time, he squeezes a glass of juice in his hand, clearly intending to splash its contents into the unhappy face.  “What do you want from me?” she asks in dismay.

It is interesting that the people sitting next to them are also frightened and afraid not only to say a word across the “hero”, but simply to raise their eyes to him.  In the end, the person sitting at the head of the table decides to intervene in what is happening.  It is clear that this place is not just an ordinary employee, but also one of the leaders.  But he is clearly afraid of arguing with an “animal” similar to Baurzhan Zhaksylykov.  He politely asks the bully to calm down, but instead he approaches him with signs of aggression and asks him rudely: “What do you want?”  He replies: “I want you to behave at the corporate party like a human being and not swear at the girl.”  After that, the recording ends.  How it all ended is not known.

On October 1, 2018, the list of affiliates of KazAgro holding placed on KASE indicates Zhaksylykov Baurzhan Kairatovich, born September 28, 1984, who holds the position of director of the risk management department of NK Food Corporation, JSC, who is also a member of the board of directors of Ak Bidai Terminal JSC.

 According to informed sources, since August 2019, this person has taken a similar position already in the Agrarian Credit Corporation, another “daughter” of the holding KazAgro.  He is the right hand of the chairman of the board of Agrarian Credit Corporation Daribaev Murat Amankeldievich.

What is a risk management department?  In fact, the structure that can “hack” lending to any project, having found compelling reasons for this.  In this regard, the position of the head of the structure turns into the main point of decision-making – will the borrower receive money or not.  It is clear that if a farmer who decides to implement some kind of project in agriculture is suddenly refused funding, he is ready for anything to still “convince” the risk management department.  It is clear which “golden keys” we have decided to use for such a “conviction.”

 It is no coincidence that ACC employees note that the role of Baurzhan Zhaksylykov is much more than just the position of head of department.  In fact, he “resolved” all financial matters at ACC, the trustee of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ACC, to whom he directly reports, according to the structure of the JSC.

Now it’s clear why no one dares to utter a laugh, despite the redneck behavior of this insane character?  Yes, he will wipe them all off if he wants!

 According to commentators, the recording was really made on a corporate event held on the Day of the financier.

 At Agar Credit Corporation itself, it seems shocked that this record has become public.  And they are in no hurry to admit that their top manager is captured on the video.  Apparently, they amuse themselves with the hope that the incident will resolve itself.

“This video we received on messengers today.  An official investigation has been initiating into this fact.  Following its results, appropriate measures will be taking.  The incident occurred outside working hours outside the corporation’s office premises”, commented on ACC’s marketing and PR service.

 That is, the message of PR service is clear – the case was out of work, which means it is a personal matter of those who drink.

No, gentlemen!

 Here the story is not so simple, as far as public money is concerned.  No one needs to be remindin that the KazAgro holding has accumulated 400 billion tenge of debts over the years of its failure.  That is, he wasted the money of the budget, the National Fund, the UAPF and the State Social Insurance Fund.

 How did this happen?  The fault of management.  That is, these are such insane animals like in this video.  Let’s show this video to the deputies of the Mazhilis and the Senate, when once again the question will be raised about allocating money to save the KazAgro holding from well-deserved bankruptcy.  And let’s tell them: “Look at whom you are ready to entrust hundreds of billions of pension savings!  THERE ARE SUCH MANAGERS! ”

 Or does someone want to say that a person who behaves this way at a corporate party, returning to the office, turns into a smart, competent specialist who clearly and efficiently performs his duties – assessing the prospects of ACC-financed projects?  Do not make me laugh!

 In a drunken state, the real essence creeps out of a person, and the essence of this grief manager is clear.  Trusting him with state money is the same as trusting a thief to guard someone else’s wallet.

There is a long-standing need to conduct a thorough examination of candidates for senior positions not only in state bodies, but also in quasi-state structures, such as Samruk-Kazyna holdings (by the way, Baurzhan Zhaksylykov worked there, notes or KazAgro.  Moreover, it is necessary to check with a narcologist and psychologist, and in this case also a psychiatrist, since the presence of behavioral abnormalities is evident.  Government money can be trusted only by sober people who are in their right mind.  And yet – to those who do not cover women through the “x”.    

Yuri Pominov

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