Ukraine: Kernel forecasts grain harvest within 40-45 mln tonnes

Kernel Company, one of the largest operators on the Ukrainian market of sunflower oil and grain exporters market, forecasts that grain harvest in Ukraine in 2010 will total 40-45 mln tonnes, reported “Kazakh-Zerno” IA with reference to the “Agrimarket Info“.

According to the announcement, Kernel also forecasts that export volumes of grains in 2010/11 MY will vary from 18 to 20 mln tonnes. 
Besides, the company noticed that wheat prices advance on the world market, caused by the yield decrease, totaled 30% in July and will ensure the additional income growth of agro industrial enterprises of Ukraine. 
At the same time, Kernel noticed that due to the fact that maize and soybean sowings are at the stage of vegetation, and also due to the harvesting campaign, which will continue in the period from the middle of September till the end of October, it is very difficult to forecast yield indices of the crops. But the general prospects of yield indices o the crops are rather optimistic. In privately, according to the current condition of sunflower sowings, the consensus harvest forecast of seeds of the reporting crop increased from 6-7 to 7-8 mln tonnes in Ukraine. 
Kernel Group is the vertically integrated national company that works in the agro industrial sector of Ukraine since 1994. The company is the leader of Ukrainian market of bottled oils, and produces sunflower oil, distributes bottled sunflower oil in Ukraine, is engaged in sunflower oil and grain exports and provides services of storage of grains and oilseeds at elevators, and deals with agricultural production.

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