Ukraine: Kernel to forecast wheat, barley and rapeseed production decrease by 16%

The company Kernel, one of the largest operators on Ukrainian market of sunflower oil and grain exporters, forecasts the decrease of wheat, barley, and rapeseed production by 16% compared to the last year indices,  reported “Kazakh-Zerno” IA with reference to the “AgriMarket.Info“.

Wheat, barley and rapeseed harvesting company is going to the end. Despite high air temperatures in July, Ukraine unlike of Kazakhstan and Russia does not suffer from droughts and heat a lot. That is why, the general production of these three grains suffered less, and Kernel expects that the production volume decrease will total nearly 16% compared to the last year indices, as opposed to 25-30% of grain production reduction which was forecasted for Russia. 

Kernel also expects that in the current year wheat production in Ukraine will total 18 mln tonnes, down 13.9% compared to 2009, when the country harvested 20.9 mln tonnes. The country will harvest over 9.5 mln tonnes of barley, down 19.5% compared to 2009 (11.8 mln tonnes). Without taking into account carry-over stocks, according to the forecast, both crops export volumes should total nearly 10 mln tonnes, down 34% compared to the general volume of exported wheat and barley volumes of the harvest-2009 or 15.2 mln tonnes. 

The announcement also reminded that during recent days, air temperature indices increased converging to the level of 40°С. During the period of September–October, the country will have to provide harvesting works of three important crops: sunflower, soybean and maize. Kernel forecasts (under the condition that there will not be droughts and heat in August) that sunflower production will total over 7 mln tonnes in the current season. 

To date, heat wave will possibly bring the negative impact on maize production, and the forecast of the US Department of Agriculture, which totaled 13 mln tonnes (USDA, July 2010), may essentially decrease. 

Generally, the company noticed that grain production forecast, specifically maize, wheat and barley at the present moment depends on maize production volumes, which will be completely known in one month.

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