Ukraine: Ministry of Agrarian Policy forecasts price increase for milling grains

In the nearest time, prices for milling grains in Ukraine will possibly increase, announced Gennadiy Rozgon, the representative of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, on July 22. At the same time, the Ministry forecasts stable prices for flour, bread, groats, macaroni products, reported “Kazakh-Zerno” IA with reference to the ” AgriMarket“.

According to him, the tendency, which forms the market during several last weeks, faces the price increase for milling wheat, first of all, and also for some fodder crops. 

Recently, the price has reached the highest peak for last several months, but it is still far from the record level of 2007. So, to date, the Ministry expects for the low-scale price increase for flour and other products, stated the representative of the Ministry of Agrarian Police of Ukraine.

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