USA:Area Corn Crops In Good To Excellent Condition

Farmers across the area are reporting that corn crops are in very good condition, reported “Kazakh-Zerno” NA with reference to the “Fox Mankato“.

Despite the heavy rain and severe weather across Southern Minnesota in June, corn is well ahead of schedule.Experts say this years corn is about a week ahead of normal, and about two weeks ahead of last year.Kent Thiesse, Farm Expert says, “I think overall the prospects at this point look pretty good in most areas especially those areas that have avoided the severe weather and storms. Where they got pretty good yield potential for both corn and soybeans”Most of the region had adequate soil measure… thanks to a wet June.But corn is in a critical point in its growing stage, so most farms could use an extra inch of rainfall right now.But despite the lack of rain, warm and moist conditions like we’ve had over the past few weeks are ideal for corn maturity.Experts say that the prospects are looking good for a September harvest.

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