Who and why drags Kazakhstan farmers into the abyss

Once again, the Meat Union of Kazakhstan, headed by two odious characters, the former Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Asylzhan Mamytbekov and the former director of the department of animal husbandry of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Maksut Baktibaev, is trying to substitute the country’s farmers.

 For the first time (though, for the first time?) They dragged the farmers into troubled waters when they convinced last summer of the profitability of the project of creating small family livestock farms that was raging with corrupt bloggers.  Like, take 50 – 100 heads of cattle, and you will be happy.  The main thing is to put young animals on their feet, put them on the feeding grounds – and you will be in profit.

At the same time, it was not difficult for economists to calculate (and KazakhZerno.kz led these calculations) that it is practically impossible for the farmer to get profit, given the high cost of feed and the low price at which livestock were going to buy livestock.  The only chance to make ends meet was subject to the payment of subsidies.  Moreover, the lion’s share of budget money went in favor of large cattle breeders, members of the Meat Union – breeding and feeding grounds.  And farmers performing the most labor-intensive, risky and dirty work were supposed to do so much so as not to stretch their legs in the roles of laborers Mamytbekov and Baktibaev.

 “Oh, and we are sorry for those who believe these two figures!”, experts said a year ago.

Unfortunately, indeed, there were those who believed and got cattle on credit.  The meat alliance on these poor fellows has already earned, acting as an intermediary in the acquisition of livestock abroad.  Further, according to the plan of meat oligarchs, it was to earn on the sale of gobies, after fattening with grain.

 But then suddenly there was a thunder – Prime Minister Askar Mamin, on behalf of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, based on doubts of parliamentarians about the effectiveness of the meat “project”, refused to send an additional tens of billions of tenge to ensure the smooth existence of former officials.

 After that, an artificially pumped up wave of dissatisfaction of “ordinary” farmers with government actions rose in public space and in social networks.  Maksut Baktibaev is very active on his page on the social network.  Then he reposts the requests of deputies of all stripes, with appeals to the government to give the same money to reputable cattle breeders.  Here, for example, what the parliamentary communists gave out (clearly writing under someone else’s dictation):

 “We consider it premature to reject the stipulated subsidies of agricultural producers without specific proposals for new, more effective forms of state support.  This vacuum between the intentions of the Ministry of Agriculture and the terms of their practical implementation, is accompanied by a reduction in subsidies, caused serious damage to production, and continues to impede the development of agriculture as a whole”.

Moreover, in recent years, with the participation of the same Mamytbekov, there has been a reduction in subsidies in crop production.  With one stroke of a pen, they were recognizing as “ineffective” and canceling.  At the same time, the entire amount of financing went almost at the same gate – meat companies.  But if the grain industry, which was originally built competently, and not “crookedly” (in Mamytbekov’s style), in spite of everything, remains profitable and ensures food security of Kazakhstan for bread, then for meat, despite hundreds of billions of injections, Kazakhstan is increasingly dependent on  export.  Despite periodically “sensational” news from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan on export records, meat is still imported 4-5 times more than exported.  The question arises: if you were looking for ineffective subsidies, why didn’t you find them in livestock?  It is obvious!

 When logic is asleep, emotions come to the rescue.  And here we see how the giant cattle breeders are trying for the second time to drag the farmers into the swamp: no more, no less, like calling for rallies!

Namely: the same Baktibaev on his page reposts a note from a pocket portal specializing in amateurish “analytics”.  This portal flourished at the expense of others at the time of Mamytbekov’s stay at the helm, and now, apparently, has also been left without orders and now wants money, not disdaining to earn overt misinformation.

So, in the note it is reported that some farmers from Aktobe are preparing for the rally.  The location of this event is interesting – Aktobe is the region where the beloved brainchild of the Meat Union is thriving – the Aktep meat cluster, which is generously subsidizing in the “golden” times for pastoralists.

 Let us recall that the topic of rallies once passed a red thread through the career of Asylzhan Mamytbekov – he lost his post of minister in 2016 after land rallies that swept the country.  And now, again, this topic.  I would like to hope that farmers will not look like their cattle, going for slaughter, and will not allow fraudsters to drag hot coals from the fire with the wrong hands.  Indeed, even if some kind of subsidies is paid, nothing will change in the distribution of cash flows – the funds will flow into the pockets of meat oligarchs.  And ordinary breeders will get crumbs.

 But with a negative development of the scenario, the results can be disastrous.  Undermining social stability in the country through any kind of gathering is not a joke, and provocateurs face punishment in all severity of law.  I would like the hand of this law, which had been inactive for many years, to finally reach those who have long deserved it.  By the way, Maksut Baktibaev had close contacts with law enforcement agencies at one time, being charged with corruption and dismissed from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  Has the time come and his patron to receive this lesson in life?

Akyn Aulov

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