Whose fakes vote for Mamytbekov?

What you will not see during the quarantine period!  Involuntarily you decide that the coronavirus is remotely capable of exerting influence on the consciousness of people, just as when it is in direct contact, it affects physical health, writes KazakhZerno.kz.

Take, for example, the top publication of our agency, “Statistics exposed the lies of Asylzhan Mamytbekov,” which gained more than 2,200 likes and more than 700 comments on Facebook alone.  Such an interest is not surprising – the ex-minister painfully clumsy substituted himself, declaring the “successful” implementation of the three-year-old plan for the export of beef.

 Another thing is surprising – among 700 comments of adequate people, outraged by the shameless lie of the former official, 10 percent were with the exact opposite position.  That is, their authors, either with foam on their lips, demand that Aseke be returned to the minister’s chair, or they lament with tears in their eyes as our publication “slandered” a worthy person …

Over time, the degree of inadequacy of this part of the public began to go off scale so that we could not explain it with the remote influence of COVID on the brains of the authors.

 And they conducted an investigation.

The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that many of the comments were written in carbon copy.  Even with the same grammatical errors and “author” punctuation.  That is, obviously – they have one author, although they post them from different accounts.

The second, as regards the accounts themselves.  So, among those who praise Asylzhan Mamytbekov, there are practically no Kazakhstanis!  On the one hand, it pleases – it means that our people are not a fool, you can’t deceive him.  On the other hand, it remains unclear where the former minister has so many fans around the world from.

The first version: by launching a program to import imported bull-calves and heifers to Kazakhstan, Asylzhan Mamytbekov helped enrich not only the intermediaries in the country, but also “sponsored” a lot of farmers in other countries with our money.  Now they are asking to return him to the ministerial chair – so that “dear Aseke” will again begin to carry Anguses from America, Australia and Europe, pumping budget money into the pockets of foreign sellers.

The version is suitable, but unlikely – because it is unlikely that accomplices of Mamytbekov would come across so stupidly.

The second version: many of us have experienced the theft of passwords from accounts on social networks.  A vile and unpleasant sensation – as if someone had stolen the keys to your apartment and is now hosting it.  Up to the point that he calls on your phone and on your behalf says something to others.

Yes, that’s why passwords from accounts are often stolen – to write comments on social networks on behalf of an innocent person.  For example, those that appear under our article on Asylzhan Mamytbekov.

The second version seems to us much more plausible than the first.  Moreover, there are additional arguments in support of it.  For example, the fact that comments appear from the account of a person whose name I can’t name – because it is written in Arabic script.  We go into the profile – all his entries are also in Arabic, and his friends are also all Arabs.  So, oddly enough, this man suddenly begins to write comments in support of Mamytbekov – in pure Russian!

The exact same story with people from Africa and Pakistan – all of them were suddenly so worried about the situation with the development of the agricultural sector in Kazakhstan and the career of Asylzhan Mamytbekov that they spoke in a language they had previously unknown!

The situation with Ukraine is even funnier – for some reason, a lot of comments in support of Mamytbekov come from accounts of residents of this country.  Why would lovers of bacon and pork so love Aseke, a follower of marbled beef?  Haram, and more!

And here’s why: specialists explained to us that in Ukraine there are very soft laws regarding activity in social networks.  Accordingly, the conductor of this entire army of clones and fakes, who decided to sing the praises of the former minister with the voices of others, does not need to be afraid of punishment for their tricks.  And not only for theft of passwords, but also for the content of comments (we have in Kazakhstan for many of this, we recall, faces criminal liability).

 “What kind of responsibility?”  – You ask, because commentators haven’t said anything particularly criminal.

And here we come to the most interesting!  After all, hardly living people who spend so much effort writing comments on our article have an ultimate goal in this. The true goals of creating this “troll factory” are probably far-reaching.  And the comments under the article about your beloved are just training in manipulating public consciousness.

What is the ultimate goal?  It’s not difficult to guess: if Mamytbekov himself is sleeping and sees himself returning to the minister’s chair, then the person standing above him (and covering his protege all these years) – surely the plans have more ambitious ones.  Not far off another electoral cycle.  And we just recently saw what kind of power over the minds of today’s humanity social networks have – remember the scandals with the election of Trump and the accusations of Moscow in manipulating the preferences of voters.  So, if today, with the help of his army of virtual clones, someone can convince us that Asylzhan Mamytbekov is a competent specialist in the agricultural sector and generally the best Minister of Agriculture in the last two decades, what will he be able to do tomorrow?  Scary to imagine…

Akyn Aulov

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