Why did the scapegoat be put in the chair of the Minister of Agriculture?

How many ministers of agriculture were in Kazakhstan!  There was a minister-scientist, there was a minister-financier, there was a minister-cooperator, there was a minister-manager.  And what is the minister now?  Yes, nothing!

 Saparhan Omarov was very much in his place in Mazhilis.  That is, where you can talk a lot – and do little.  And now, having moved to the chair of the head of the agrarian department, he tries to behave in the same way.

 Shortly before Umirzak Shukeyev was promoted and went to the promising Turkestan region, it was discussed on the sidelines what his successor should be.  All conversations boiled down to the fact that the “technical” minister should head the Ministry of Agriculture.  The unsightly essence hides behind the streamlined formulation: at the moment, the group that has been controlling all policy in the agricultural sector of the country for ten years in a row is simply a “dummy”.  The fact is that the state program of development of the agroindustrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been written for five years, ten-year master plans for the development of industries are connected to it.  Under all this laid a lot of money from the budget.  That is, formed a generous feeder for close to the group, which we said.  And the task of the minister – do not go into this debugged system, like a pump pumping out money from the treasury.

Satisfied with the status and possibilities, which gives position, but not to pry into the actual processes taking place in the agriculture of the country.

After all, if you put on the position of Minister of the specialist who is really versed in agriculture, he can begin to ask questions about how effectively to spend budgetary funds allocated to support agriculture?

For example: why in Kazakhstan at the expense of subsidies to import tens of thousands of head of cattle, if there is no forage, and farmers cannot even feed the number of cattle, which they already have?

Why advertise the program by creating a family mini-farms, if all vacant land suitable for pasture or growing feed crops, long ago dismantled close to the authorities “just in case”, and to provide new farm resources to feed the poor, even 50 heads of cattle impossible?

Why import pedigree livestock from the ocean-seas at exorbitant prices if Kazakhstan’s own breeding farms grow pedigree akbasov and auulekoli adapted to our climate and conditions?

 But Saparhan Omarov does not ask questions.  Because, apparently, he understands his role as a “dummy” in the ministerial chair and does not really want to lose it.  After all, this is glory and honor on the eve of retirement!

 The agrarians of the country, because of the ineradicable optimism of our people, soared in spirit when the department was headed by a new man.  At first they even made requests and proposals on how and what to “straighten” in the “curve” policy of the Ministry of Agriculture.  But very soon they were confronted with the fact that their opinion turned out to be useless to anyone, the agency “KazakhZerno.kz” notes.

Moreover, officials quickly realized that in the current situation it is better not to look for trouble, and also “laying low”.

“Call now or come to regional management of agriculture with any question you send to the Ministry of agriculture. I appeal to the Ministry of agriculture – you say either “contact personally to the Minister” or “write on site”. None of the actors wants to take on the slightest responsibility. This is now the position of the Minister and his Deputy, Saparov – any question should solve it. But they do not want to solve,” said one of the farmers their experience.

Not surprisingly, Saparkhan Omarov already stuck an apt nickname, which the peasants gave him based on their observations. It is called “LEGO” — like children’s designer from which you can sculpt anything.

This is the agriculture of Kazakhstan, now “toy” head. Someone blind from it, neither fish nor fowl, and under the guise of earning money. And in the meantime the industry plunges deeper into problems. And the main of them is still the same as before: the lack of financial support. Second-tier banks less interest to invest in the industry, having a reputation as the “black hole”. Holding “KazAgro” brings all large losses and is about to default. After that the industry will end exactly, and yet half of the population of Kazakhstan living in rural areas, remain without work, and the second part of the population, the townspeople – no domestic food.

And who will be responsible for everything? Of course, Mr. LEGO! After all, though he is a toy, but still the Minister. And for the position he was put not only to quietly suck money from the budget, but then to “hour IKS” to use as a scapegoat.

Is it time to think about that, Mr. Omarov?

Akyn Aulov

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