Yard in your pocket: why does the brother of Vice Minister Saparov need a dairy farm

The current Minister of Agriculture Saparkhan Omarov very quickly after receiving the post got to her “in the load” and the nickname – Lego.  It aptly characterized his reputation – to be a toy in the wrong hands.  One of those who “twists” the head of the agrarian department is none other than the first deputy of Omarov, Aidarbek Saparov.

 According to insiders, Saparov has become so accustomed to the role of the shadow leader of the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan, which no longer hides the ambition to sit in the minister’s chair, having thrown off his current boss from him.  The motive that drives Aidarbek is simple and understandable – money.  Big money that comes to agriculture in Kazakhstan only due to its proximity to the budgetary feeder, notes KazakhZerno.kz.

 It is no coincidence that the principles of the distribution of subsidies have changed with the arrival of every new leader in the Ministry of Agriculture: Asylzhan Mamytbekov “drowned” for meat, and now Saparov (not yet being a minister) “drowns” for milk.  And there are good reasons for that.

So, if Saparkhan Omarov has no “selfish” interests in the industry (which explains his indifference), then Aidarbek Saparov has a powerful motive to defend one of the areas – the business of relatives.

 As kz.media found out in its investigation, not only sentimental memories of the childhood spent here and the role of the akim of the region are associated with the village of Nogaybai in the Saparova SKO.  No!  Here, the small but promising business empire of his family thrives to this day.  Human rumor connects with the Saparov a number of agricultural enterprises operating in the region of Magzhan Zhumabaev.  These are Nogaybay, Novotroitskoye, Nadezhdenskoye, NurSen Agro, AKSA-North, Parasat, Seypil Malik.

 We will not confirm the accuracy of this information, since a family relationship with only three farms has been documented.

 This is Bulaev Astyk LLP, owned by Kairbek Seypiluly Sapar – the brother of the vice minister.

 This is Nur-Agro 2050 LLP, which is led by the son of Vice Minister Nursultan Saparov.

 And this is Nogaybay LLP, owned by the brother of the vice minister, Altynbek Saparov.

The total area of ​​farmland controlled by the Saparov clan is measured in almost fifty hectares, or even more!  The question is, where did the official and his relatives come from?  Initially, the Saparovs allotment was small – like all the villagers who received their share in the collapse of state farms.  But for 11 years, when he held the posts of akim of the district M. Zhumabaev, and then deputy akim of the North-Kazakhstan region, the areas of lands controlled by his relatives were growing rapidly.  And of course, thanks to the administrative resource.  Everyone in the region knows an illustrative example when Nadezhdenskoye LLP, the family enterprise of the Fresher spouses, lost land under pressure from an official.  Guess whose disposal the allotment has gone.

 And this example is not an isolated one.

 So, it is in the case of the last economy that the best way is traced to how officials “prescribe” changes in the emphasis of subsidizing “for themselves”.

Let us recall that no later than in early March, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan introduced “New approaches to subsidizing the agricultural sector.”  One of the key changes has affected state support for dairy farming.  Namely, the subsidy for the head of a breeding dairy heifer increased from the previous 225 thousand tenge immediately to 400 thousand!  Even the workers of feedlots from the Meat Union, led by the omnipotent Asylzhan Mamytbekov, did not dream of such generosity – they limited themselves to the growth of subsidies for pedigree young meat breeds from the same 225 thousand to 300 thousand tenge.

 In addition, subsidies for each liter of milk (which until recently were called ineffective threatened to be canceled altogether) increased from 35 to 45 tenge per liter for large farms, from 20 to 30 for medium ones, from 10 to 20 for small ones.

 (By the way, workers of feedlots were removed an extra charge for feeding on weight (200 tenge per 1 kg).)

 So, why such attention and generosity towards the “milkmen”?

It’s simple: the already mentioned Nogaybay LLP, the brother of the first vice minister, plans to implement a project for the construction of a dairy farm with a total investment of 2 billion tenge in 2020!  Saparkhan Omarov himself reported on these plans in the government, seemingly poorly understanding how Saparov uses it.

 But, now it is clear to us under whom the state support is “ground”.

 Moreover, the farm of the brother of the vice minister is already “shining” 1 billion tenge from the budget at the construction stage: the fact is that the draft new emphasis on state support provides for another change: an increase in investment subsidies for the construction and expansion of dairy farms from the previous 25% to  35%  And that is not all!  Local authorities in addition to 35% of the republican budget can give another 15% of the local.  (There is no doubt that they will give the brother to the vice minister).  Total, the reimbursement will be half of 2 billion … Just started construction – and the yard is already in your pocket!  In principle, after that it doesn’t matter whether the farm works: milk rivers will flow into the right pockets without it.

Batyr Alekperov

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